Open Budget: Sacramento uses code originally created by OpenOakland. This page is their original attributions. Thanks OpenOakland for all your hard work!

Who we are

Open Budget: Oakland is the result of many contributors including coders, community advocates, and city officials. We're looking for ideas and help, so get in touch and stop by our weekly meetup on Tuesdays 6:30–9pm at City Hall as part of OpenOakland hack night (send us an email ahead of time so we're sure to be available).

Current team:

  • Beti G.
  • Cindy Terdiman
  • Emily Peri
  • Felicia Betancourt
  • Karen Ivy
  • Meredith Burkle
  • Sean Martinez


  • Adam Stiles
  • Amanda Richardson
  • Andrea Moed
  • Ben Wen
  • Bob Sarnoff
  • Dave Guarino
  • David Ordal
  • Deborah Acosta
  • Diana Wu
  • Elina Rubuliak
  • Ian MacFarland
  • Ian McEachern
  • Ikka Lynn
  • Jeff French
  • Jehan Tremback
  • Jon Katz
  • Max Ogden
  • Mike Ubell
  • Mohamed Gulaid
  • Nic Aulston
  • Nick Brooks
  • Phil Popp
  • Phil Wolff
  • Rachel Li
  • Shawn McDougal
  • Sonya Rifkin
  • Steve Berley
  • Steve Spiker
  • Tom Dooner
  • Tom Fite
  • Yumiko Abe-Jones